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WM20060003 – New USB Available

Please be advised that we now providing the contents of our Setup CD, on a USB Flash Drive. This includes the setup software, manuals, drawings, and schematics for all our product lines.

The change comes based on the trend of computers moving away from CD drives and the move to USB. USB also offer flexibility in terms of what the USB drive is used for.  For example, the USB flash drive can be used to for:

  • Saving calibration records
  • Saving bulletins and email responses from Wheel Monitor
  • Storing RMA information and Images
  • Making your own notes about aspects of the systems

The USB drive can be used to keep everything Wheel Monitor related in one place, that can be moved from computer to computer. It also reduces the risk of computer issues causing a loss of data. We also suggest periodically sending you calibration data to Wheel Monitor to help us improve our products.

The part number for the USB drive is AL591.  If you would like a quote, please contact

If you require more information, contact us at:

We thank you for your time and consideration, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


The Wheel Monitor Team