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BU5-014-CB – Balancer™ B150 Control Box Kit

The B150 is a lift axle control system for trailers with non-steering lift axles. It monitors the trailer suspension pressure and determines when the lift axle(s) are required. The B150 also provides a computer interface for customizing the systems settings and diagnostics.​​

The B150 Control Box Kit is a stainless steel box with the B150 and control valve installed and correctly routed. The Control Box includes a required switch for overriding the B150 system and forcing the lift axles down, regardless of the trailers load condition. This kit also includes the mating bullet connectors required for installing the B150 system.

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The Kit includes:

To order the kit, please contact your Wheel Monitor Distributor. If you need help locating a distributor, please contact us.

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