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The Belt-A-Matic™

The Belt-A-Matic™ is designed to detect the buckle’s location on a chain-less belt, on trailers that use conveyor belts. The system turns on lights to indicate if the buckle is on the top or bottom side of the conveyor in real time. This allows the user to only stop the belt when the buckle is in the desired location.


  • Detect buckles locations
  • Indicate the buckles location
  • Stand alone system, no extra J560 connection required.

How it works

Buckle Detection

The Belt-A-Matic™ uses the standard Reverse-A-Matic™ reverse sensor, one at each end of the conveyor belt, to detect the metal of the buckle. Using the input from both sensors, the Belt-A-Matic™ can determine if the buckle is on the top or bottom side of the belt.

Buckle Indicatiors

Based on the buckle position, the Belt-A-Matic™ activates indicator lights to alert the user to the position of the buckle. The user can use this information to ensure the buckle is where they want it when the conveyor is stopped.


Belt-A-Matic™ Kits

Please contact Wheel Monitor for ordering information.