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The Reverse-A-Matic™ Diagnostic Tool

The Reverse-A-Matic™ Diagnostic Tool is designed to test and troubleshoot Reverse-A-Matic™ systems and sensors. The Diagnostic Tool provides a computer interface which allows the user to view the sensor under test and send simulated signals to the module under test.


  • Test a Reverse Sensor
  • Test a Reverse-A-Matic™ Module
  • Simulate a 4-way input signal
  • Adapters to easily test most Reverse-A-Matic™ and Proviso™ Plus systems

How it works

Reverse Sensor Testing

The Diagnostic Tool provides an enhanced reverse sensor reader. The tool not only reads the signals for speed and direction, but it also measures the offset of the measurements to provide an estimate of the sensor rotation in the mounting block. This can be useful for determine if a sensor has failed or is simply out of alignment.

Reverse Sensor Simulation

The reverse sensor simulation allows the user to send “perfect” sensor signals to the module under test. The user can select reverse, stopped, forward, or forward over 60km/h. The signals can be used to test the modules responses to the signals without moving the vehicle.

4-way Simulation

The 4-way simulation is very simple. The diagnostic tool will pulse an output at the same rate that the 4-ways on a vehicle does. By watching the systems response to the signals, the user can determine if the module has failed or the inputs are causing an issue.


Diagnostic Tool Kits