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The Reverse-A-Matic™ RM-70

The Reverse-A-Matic™ RM-70 trailer direction sensing system is a stand alone device that is independent from the cab. It uses the RM-60 as a base for customized applications.

The RM-60 base provides speed and direction inputs, two digital inputs, and 6 digital outputs. The customization can be as simple as changing a speed setting on an output, or a complicated as changing the function of each input and output.

The most common RM-70 is a the RM-70-M, which changes both steer lock wires to “power to lock” and changes one of them to lock at 35km/h instead of 60km/h.


  • Customize the RM-60 to match your requirements
  • 2 digital inputs, speed and direction input
  • 6 digital outputs

How it works


The RM-70 can use as much or as little of the RM-60 features as your applications requires. We normally start by listing all the requirements of your application, then determining the number of inputs and outputs that require customization. If the customization does not require all the inputs and outputs, we then review which RM-60 features can be kept and which can not.

The RM-60 features to customize include:

Reverse Lift

The reverse lift feature uses the Wheel Monitor Reverse Sensor to determine the trailers direction. When the trailer has reversed approximately 8 inches, the reverse lift feature activates. The Reverse lift feature remains active until the trailer moves forward 100 feet without stopping.

Reverse Alarm

Similar to the reverse lift feature, the reverse alarm feature activates when the trailer has reversed approximately 8 inches. The reverse alarm feature remains active until the trailer stops for 5 seconds or begins to travel forward.

4-way Lift Feature

The 4-way lift feature can be activated by the driver at anytime, when traveling under 60km/h. The feature is activated by turning the 4-way flashers ON and OFF in the correct sequence. The 4-way lift feature will deactivate if the 4-way flashers are turned OFF or the trailer travels above 60km/h.

Steering Lock Control

The steering lock control feature can be used to lock the self-steering for straight operation. The feature activates the lock when the trailer is in reverse or traveling over 60km/h. The lock will deactivate below 60km/h and traveling forward.

The speed based lock is required by SPIF on trailers with lift axles behind the primary group.

ABS Bulb Check

The ABS bulb check feature is designed to help meet the enhanced braking requirements SPIF has on 5 and 6 axle trailers. The feature powers the light 3 times when the RM-60 first receives power. The operator can verify that the ABS warning light is functional before beginning to travel.


RM-70 Kits

Contact Wheel Monitor for RM-70 Kits options