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PRO19090001 – Installing a Tone Ring

Please be advised that as grandfathering expires on non-SPIF
trucks and trailers, a larger number of older vehicles will attempt to become
SPIF complaint. Depending on the age of the vehicle, you may encounter
situations where an ABS system was never installed. In this case, a tone ring
may not be installed either.

If you encounter a vehicle without a tone ring, first check the alternative speed locations:

  • ·         The exposed gear on the output shaft of the transmission (trucks only)
  • ·         Getting the speed from the J1939 (trucks only, P300 only)

If none of the alternatives are valid, a tone ring must be added to the vehicle. Using the axle and hub information, an aftermarket tone ring can be purchased. In most cases, these after market tone rings will bolt on or are heated and cooled to install. Please follow the instructions of the specific tone ring that is being installed.

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The Wheel Monitor Team