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PU7-200ML-FCB-W – Proviso™ Plus P200ML Frame Control Box Kit

The P200ML is a speed, direction, and load detection system for trucks with spring ride suspensions. Like the P200A, the P200ML system controls the lift axle position based on reverse, 4-way input, and load. It also controls the lift axle pressure based on the tandem axle load. The P200ML is designed to equalize the lift axle weight to the tandem axle weight, to maximize the trucks payload under SPIF. ​

The Proviso™ Plus P200ML Frame Control Box Kit is includes everything needed for a typically P200ML frame installation. The control box comes with the P200ML and sensor interface module already installed. The kit also includes all of the required sensors and mounting hardware. The kit does not includes 20ft extension cables due to the fact that the frame sensor should reach the control box without issue.

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