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PU8-300AC-CB-W – Proviso™ Plus P300 Air Ride Control Box Kit

The P300 is the next step up from the P200A and P200M. It can be configured for both air and mechanical suspensions, It adds a front axle load sensor to measure the front axle weight and maintain the minimum front percentage under SPIF. The P300 will reduce or lift the the lift axle to ensure the front axle percentage is maintained, as much as possible. The P300 also adds an in-cab display, that shows the user what the P300 is measuring and what decision it has made. Like all the Proviso modules, the P300 also provides a computer interface to alter the system settings and perform diagnostics.​ ​

The Proviso™ Plus P300 Air Ride Control Box Kit includes everything needed for a typically P300 installation on a air ride suspension. The control box comes with the P300 module already installed. The kit also includes all of the required sensors, cables, and mounting hardware.

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To order the kit, please contact your Wheel Monitor Distributor. If you need help locating a distributor, please contact us.

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